Tenney's Custom Saddlery
does expert repairs on most riding equipment.

Save yourself a little time and mess; we can clean and hot oil your saddles, bridles, martingales, halters and girths.
Bridle too big?
Most bridles, martingales and girths can be cut down.

Any part of a saddle can be replaced and/or repaired.
We work on any brand of saddle including (but not limited to):
Antares, Arc De Triomphe, Beval, Butet, County, Crosby, CWD, Childeric, Delgrange, Devoucoux, Hermes, Pessoa, Stubben.

Can't make it to the store? 

Ship it to us or drop it off at a show to one of our mobile stores. We will inspect it, call with an exact price, repair it and ship it back to you - all in a reasonable amount of time! You can also schedule a pick-up of repairs at one of the mobile stores as well. 

Here are some of the services Tenney's offers.
  • Brass Plates, Stall Plates, Wooden Stall Plaques for the show. 
  • Embroidery on Shirt collars, Saddle Pads, Chaps and Horse blankets, etc.
  • We measure for Dehner, Sergio Grasso and Vogel Custom Field Boots, Dress Boots and Paddock Boots.
  • Custom Stall Drapes, Trunk Covers, Horse Blankets, Sheets, Coolers and Scrims by Integrity Linens, Triple Crown Custom and Jacks Mfg.
  • Custom Trunks and Tack room furniture by Oakcroft and Burlingham.
  • Of course, Custom Half Chaps & Full Chaps by Tenney's Custom Chaps, made in the U.S.A.! Guaranteed to fit. Free alterations in the first year.
  • Complete repairs on Bridles, Saddles, Chaps, Training Equipment, Halters, Boots & Horse Blankets.
  • Saddle Fitting, customized under panels, re-flocking and Custom Made Saddles.
  • Custom Fox Hunt Equipment & Appointments: Bridles, Breastplates, Extension Stirrup Leathers, Wire Cutter Cases, Sandwich Cases and Refreshment cases.

Here's a list of some of the repairs Tenney's can do:
  • Clean and oil your riding equipment.
  • Add on or replace the knee pads on your saddle.
  • Add on, replace or remove- knee blocks and thigh blocks ( Velcro or sewn in)
  • Replace or re-stitch saddle billets. Hunt seat or Dressage saddles.
  • Replace the seat on your saddle (some patching is available too)
  • Replace the leather and/or foam on the under panel of your saddle.
  • Re-flock wool stuffed under panels. Remake wool stuffed under panels.
  • Replace rubber on reins. Replace Eventa rubber on reins.
  • Replace lacing on reins.
  • Remove flash loops/replace flash loops.
  • Replace lining, hook stud and loops (keepers) on rein or cheek piece ends.
  • Splice strap ends on Halters, Bridles, Martingales and more.
  • Re-stitch stirrup leathers.
  • Sew in Chain-or-Tacks on nosebands.
  • Replace triple or double elastic ends on girths. Replace leather billets and buckles on girths.
  • Replace or patch most Halter parts. (hardware too)
  • Repair leather horse boots.

We can replace most hardware and strapping on horse blankets. We also do 'some' patching on blankets. Please make sure blankets are clean before bringing them in. Please call or stop in for price quotes. All prices are posted and pre-payment is required for most repairs.

S A D D L E    R E - C O N D I T I O N I N G

Pictured below are photographs of a 1997 Butet saddle that was recently presented to Tenney's for reconditioning. The before pictures are on the left with the corresponding after pictures on the right. Tenney's replaced the seat, knee pads, leather under panels and billets and also cleaned and oiled this saddle. Whether buying a new or used saddle, having your saddle reconditioned or just in need of a small repair, Tenney's is your complete tack store and more!

Click on any photo for an enlarged view
1997 Butet Saddle (old)          


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